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Web // Ipanema

We used atmospheric videos to advertise the products as well as establish the feel of the Ipanema lifestyle. The goal was to not just convey the quality of flip flops through photography but also show potential customers what these items would look like in their lives: on the street on a normal day out or on vacation at the beach.

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Web // Hey Chef

Specializing in impression-making bakery products, Hey Chef serves it's customers by creating online pre-portioning dozens of recipes and giving them the tools they need to make professional looking desserts.

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Web // SingTel USA

+ web design + graphic design

SingTel's American offices needed a new look to show potential enterprise clients in the states that they were serious about performing in that market. We developed a clean, streamlined look that accentuated their strengths.

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Web // threeSociety

+ web design + web development + e-commerce + fashion + retail

The past several years have seen the emergence of many beautifully designed and distinctly branded online shops in Western countries. China, however, has long relied on large online shopping centers like Taobao.

While consumer tastes in this fast developing country continues to change, one universal truth is becoming more and more relevant to Chinese shoppers: design matters.

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Branding // Botanica

+ branding + logo design + visual identity

How do you turn a perishable product into an brand experience that will last years? Many local flower shops offer great products but are otherwise forgettable and indistinguishable from their counterparts.

For Botanica, we designed a logo to be used front and center, so that the graphic as well as the actual arrangement formed the full package. Our aim was to create an impact upon first viewing of each arrangement--one that would be associated with any special occasion and live on forever in the recipient's memory.

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Knowledge // Web Development Cost Codex

Asking a developer "how much will my site or app cost?" is unlikely to provide a satisfactory answer because there are so many variables that go into pricing. However, by reading and understanding this codex we believe we can give you a better understanding of how pricing works for custom work like development and settle concerns about unknowns like long-term financial commitments.

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